PRO15 SUB Professional Speaker

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Model No.: PRO15SUB

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  • PRO passive speakers can be used for any occasion, whether it's a live show, dance track, karaoke venue, or production facility.Can be used with OSDPRO MA series amplifier, continuous power of 300W to 1000W.This series of speakers can be matched with any professional amplifier to present perfect overall performance.However, with the CP family integrated with customized and mature digital signal processing capabilities, it works well with the PRO speaker family.

  • The PRO speaker series is made up of six different models. The box is made of multi-layer birch wood and poplar wood, which is solid and compact and covered with black steel paint.Built-in protective foam is used to ensure the integrity of the audio unit and the appearance of the case intact.The four two-frequency speakers in the PRO series are equipped with 35mm metal support, so that the box is mounted vertically on the support, so that the sound energy of the auditorium is evenly covered and the sound reflection of the back wall is reduced.In addition, yoke or M8 mounting points can be used for mounting, providing a number of options for speaker mounting configurations.The input connector includes two NL4 plugs and a screw terminal.

1x15inch Passive low frequency speaker   

Frequency range(-10dB) 30Hz-2500Hz
Power (continuous/peak) 1000W / 3200W
Sensitivity 98dB, 1W@1M
Coverage Angle N/A
Output (peak sound pressure level @1m) 133db
Bass unit 15"(460 mm) unit,4" (100 mm) voice coil
Dividing point 80  120 Hz LPF
Interface type 2*NL4
Size (width × height × depth) 465x590x565mm
Net weight 37kg

15 inch bass unit

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Address: songshan lake hi-tech industrial development zone,Dongguan,Guangdong

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