2x12 inch Symmetrical Drive Active Subwoofer

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Model No.: SW212

Product Description

Symmetrical drive technology 

SDT is the latest technology launched in 2014 by OSDPRO, its low frequency is very clean and can come and go smoothly.It could also to be a smaller body size. Clean low frequency is the advantage of the new technology. SDT technology with built-in amplifier new lines, new units and the joining together of the new cabinet design.

SW series is OSDPRO masterpiece, redefined the double horn subwoofer new industry standards. OSDPRO new design of power amplifier module and transformer, power rating to get a lot of ascension, and equipped with 180 degree phase controller can make precise fine-tuning, powerful subwoofer thrust, can easily deal with all kinds of music and movie playback, solid and speed of ultra-low frequency performance become one of the world's most rapidly double horn mega bass, OSDPRO SW series subwoofer is highly evaluated by the industry.

Totally-enclosed soundbox design      Truly non-directional subwoofer

To avoid subwoofer making buzz and unsmooth curve, we adopt full-closed cabinet design. In order to increase the amount of low frequency, common design of the subwoofer is punching a hole on the cabinet or mounting a conduit internally, its sound could be very loud and power is great, but such design would be lack of dynamic response speed, overclocking cloudy sense you are familiar with, this voice out of control sounds very uncomfortable. Those vented subwoofers can produce airflow humming at a frequency, this is the airflow sound produced by chamber extrusion through the hole, which makes the sound is unpleasing and directional, you will always feel that is from a certain direction, cannot produce 3 d space feelings.

OSDPRO SW series is equipped with two sets of low pass filter, you can set the frequency division during 40 hz ~ 200 hz, filtering accuracy reaches 36 db/Octave, it can produce non- directional ultra-low frequency. The subwoofers can produce the most accurate middle localization in the any position.

Recording  A/B Amplifier

All the OSDPRO subwoofer using class AB power amplifier and giving up common used class Dlass D, down cost, large output power, however these do not have HiFi level resolving capacity, also its speed is too slow. OSDPRO with class AB amplifier, cooperating with the OSDPRO subwoofer unit which owns excellent control power, resolving power and its dynamic response speed beyond class D amplifier significantly. For small amplifier power class AB, we set automatic protection device, makes super subwoofer not overworked and won't produce insufficient sound quality which caused by high power used to control the subwoofer monomer exquisite, likes other super subwoofer based on class D power amplifier.


2x15 inch Long stroke monomer rubber edge

Diving frequency

20Hz ±2dB

Frequency settings

40HZ -200HZ stepless frequency phase setting 0/180

Subwoofer dynamic optimization

recording class AB amplifier circuit

Power for amplifier

Type AB 350W RMS above (U.S.A FTC standard)

Output power for subwoofe




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