3 Inch Linear Array 4 Drivers Column Loudspeakers

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Model No.: LJ430

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Odopting 16 ohms impedance design, it could be used with single, two or four speakers.

Specially designed wall fittings,it not only could perform a perfect superposition of more than one column, but also adjust the position of  every  column casually to obtain more uniform in the direction of the sound field.
The LJ4430&LJ4430A sound column is designed to solve the problem of installing high reverberation spaces with low ceilings and hard reflective floors. These may include small conference rooms, and other public Spaces. 660mm high, 159mm wide appearance size is suitable for building well constructional column, can be customized to fit into any decoration.

Box installed behind the up and down the M8 nut and the rack behind a group of M5 nut, easy to install. Installation of 15 ° Angle downward front panel and let the system installed in a higher near the ceiling without sacrificing coverage. Two-tone speaker system with 4 4-inch bass and 3 1-inch soft dome treble configurations. All seven drive units are installed in a vertical array to create a line source.

The woofer is mounted two above and two below the three tweeters.The internal independent divider group should maximize the use of useful line dividers, and the inline filter design provides fourth-order acoustic crossover and system equalization. The system frequency response shall not vary more than ±3 dB from 200 Hz to 20kHz measuring axes.

The system will produce a sound pressure level of 95 db (SPL) shaft at 1 meter 1 watt of power input, and can produce a peak of 120 dB at 1 meter of output shaft. The system handles 150 watts of amplifier power (AES standard) with a system impedance of 6 ohms. The enclosure is rectangular in shape, with an arc on the front panel. High-density board lacquered black polyurethane. T-bracket supported at the bottom, 7*M8 mounting points in total, top, back and side. Front of speakers covered with black lacquered iron mesh.

Application: home theater,musci, meeting, business.  It is professional sound reinforcement system.

 3 inch Ndfeb full-range unit 


4 pcs
Input power
rated: 60W/ peak:120W
Input impedance
16 Ω
100 Hz-18KHz



3 Inch Linear Array 4 Drivers Column Active LoudspeakersActive Linear Array Loudspeakers

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