Fully Enclosed Dual-horn Subwoofer

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Model No.: SW212/SW215

Product Description


The SW series is the proud work of OSDPRO ,redefining the new industry standard for dual-horn subwoofers.

Technology Used

Symmetrical Drive Technology SDT

  • SDT Is The Latest Technology Introduced By OSDPRO In 2014. The Low Frequency Is Very Clean, Free To Retract, And Can Get A Smaller Box Size. Clean Low Frequency Is The Strength Of This New Technology. The SDT Technology Is Based On A New Line Of Built-In Amplifiers, A New Unit And A New Cabinet Design.
  • The SW Series Is The Proud Work Of OSDPRO In 2014, Redefining The New Industry Standard For Dual-Horn Subwoofers. OSDPRO's Newly Designed Power Amplifier Module And Transformer, The Rated Power Has Been Greatly Improved, And Equipped With A 180 Degree Phase Controller For Precise Fine Adjustment, Powerful Subwoofer Thrust, Can Easily Cope With All Kinds Of Music And Movie Playback, Solid And Fast .The Ultra-Low Frequency Performance Has Become The World's Fastest Dual-Horn Subwoofer, And The Emergence Of The OSDPRO SW Series Subwoofer Has Been Highly Regarded By The Industry.
Fully Enclosed Speaker Design
A Really Disoriented Subwoofer
  • Adopt The Design Of Fully Closed Enclosure To Eliminate The Hum And Uneven Ultra-Low Pitch Curve. Common Subwoofer Design Are Punch A Hole In The Speaker Cabinet Or Internal Mount Conduit, In Order To Increase The Amount Of Low Frequency, The Subwoofer Can Be Very Loud, And Marked The Great Power, But Such A Design Can Lead To A Lack Of Dynamic Response Speed, Overclocking Cloudy Sense You Are Familiar With, This Kind Of Out Of Control Of Voice, It Sounds Very Uncomfortable, The Opening Type Subwoofer Can Produce Airflow Humming Sound At A Frequency, This Is The Air Flow By Air Hole Extrusion Chamber Through The Opening, Which Leads To Not Pleasant To Hear, And Have Low Sound Change Of Direction, You Will Always Feel The Subwoofer Coming From A Certain Direction, Unable To Create A Sense Of 3D Space.
  • OSDPRO SW Series Is Equipped With Two Sets Of Low-Pass Filters, Which Can Set The Crossover Point Freely From 40HZ To 200HZ, And The Filtering Precision Reaches 36dB/Octave, Which Can Produce Ultra-Low Audio With No Directionality, Regardless Of The Position Of The Subwoofer. Produces The Most Accurate Intermediate Image Positioning.
Recording Class AB Expansion Machine
  • All OSDPRO Subwoofer Power Amplifiers Use Class AB, Which Abandons The Commonly Used Class D Amplifiers. The Cost Is Low And The Output Power Is Large, But The HiFi Level Resolution Is Not Available, And The Speed Is Too Slow. OSDPRO Uses Class AB Amplification, With OSDPRO Subwoofer Unit Has Excellent Control, Resolution And Dynamic Response Speed Greatly Exceeds Class D Amplifiers. For Class AB Amplifiers, The Power Is Small, And The Automatic Protection Device Is Set So That The Subwoofer Does Not Overloading, There Will Be Not Happened Like Other Subwoofers That Use Class D Amplifiers By Using The High Power To Control The Subwoofer Which Lead To The Sound Quality Is Not Delicate Enough.





2x15-Inch Long Stroke Rubber Suspension Monomer

2x12-Inch Long Stroke Rubber Suspension Monomer

Dive Frequency:

20Hz± 2dB


Frequency Setting:

40HZ To 200HZ No Segmentation Phase Setting 0/180

40HZ To 200HZ .No Segmentation Phase Setting 0/180

The Subwoofer Dynamic Optimization:

Recording Level AB Amplifier Circuit

Recording Level AB Amplifier Circuit

Power For Amplifier :

Class AB 350 Watts RMS Or More (US Federal Trade Commission Power Test Standard)

Class AB 250 Watts RMS Or More (US Federal Trade Commission Power Test Standard)

Subwoofer Output Power:






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