Free Space WIFI Multi-Room Music System

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Model No.:  WIFI Multi-Room

Product Description

  • Free WIFI multi-room music system confirms your favorite musics through the APP retrieving all of your service record, and sends it to a different room, it also could complete the volume and other settings. We don't need go to a room acoustics to achieve these functions. If your families’ mobile phones or tablets installed the PA APP of OSDPRO WIFI, they also can easily complete the operation. 
  • Free, VIP, choice, on-demand, OSDPRO WIFI amplifiers music service types in the APP is increasing. (ttpod, QQ music, IHEARTRADIO, PANDORA, VTUNRA, spotify,tidal, Himalayan) whether it is familiar music broadcast platforms, or  relatively unfamiliar new products are worthy to explore. Note that the music service is varies from different regions, so please click and see more details about your area music services.   
  • Free WIFI multi-room music system by means of the dragonfly OSDPRO WIFI amplifiers APP to listen to the radio, you will easily get more than tens of thousands of radio channels at home and abroad,  and listen to real-time recording broadcast and live radio shows coming from all corners of the world. But all this is free. 
  • Your life is not limited in a space, so it should not be limited to the space while you enjoy music. When applying multiple OSDPRO WIFI amplifiers to play music at the same time, you can really feel the wireless audio system owns strong charm. Have the fun to play musics in different rooms, or make different speakers in all rooms playing the same music. All OSDPRO speakers work through wireless WIFI, so you can fill the music with one room after another.
  • Choosing the wireless smart OSDPRO WIFI amplifiers or bluetooth amplifier? In fact they both have advantages. But if you want to let the whole family full of music, just choose OSDPRO WIFI amplifiers!
  • There are lots of advatages to play musics by WIFI, especially there are many un-answer calls or have something to do when you are listening to the music, music broadcast will not be interrupted. When you use OSDPRO wireless audio system, OSDPRO will load the music directly from your wireless network, rather than through your mobile phone playing music. So it won’t meet the following problems, lost connection, delay, or the bell to disturb. You can enjoy your music without interference.

Power Amplifier Rated output
■32V 4Ω/ohms T.H.D+N 1% 120W (Max T.H.D+N 10% 150W)
■32V 8Ω/ohms T.H.D+N 1% 65W (Max T.H.D+N 10% 75W)
■Maximum Output Power: 36 V 4Ω/ohms 2x160W T.H.D+N 10%
■S/N Ratio: >80 dB ( Net / USB ) / >90dB (aux in)
■Total Harmonic Distortion (20 Hz-20 kHz): 120W T.H.D+N 1%
■AirPlay: Yes
■Pure Direct: Yes

■Music Services Supported:Spotify, TuneIn, Tidal, iHeartRadio, Ximalaya,QQ Music with more omingsoon
■Music Stored On Phone/Tablet:music stored locally on your iOS device or music files on your Android or Kindle Fire device.
■NAS (Network Attached Storage):Play from your home network:DLN Acompliant.
■USB Storage: Connected to the AMP.
■Aux Input: Analog sources connected tothe AMP.

Controls All Kinds of Music by APP

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The ASI Audio Technology Co., Ltd

Address: songshan lake hi-tech industrial development zone,Dongguan,Guangdong

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